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Thankfully 30

Tomorrow I turn 30 years old…or as I like to jokingly say…it’s the 5th anniversary of my 25th birthday! :) I am very grateful to our heavenly Father for mercifully letting me sit here and write this.

Thursday Therese and I were in a car accident. Since I’m home and writing this blog, we’re obviously “ok.” I had a t-collision with another car. My front hit their passenger side. It was quite like the movies. My air bags deployed thankfully. I have a few bruises and a scarred confidence in driving again (which I haven’t done). Therese was well strapped into her carseat and got a couple of seatbelt burns around her neck. After a couple of hours in ER which included a sonogram, we were reassured that Baby G is doing fine as well. I won’t go into the details of the accident. I could have made better choices. The Aztec is out of commisson for a while. Neither car was driveable after the accident. The insurance company has started its investigation. For now, say a small prayer of thanksgiving for us and another that all works out well with the insurance.

How do I feel about turning 30? Older. For those of you who are older than 30 I’m sure you’re sitting there saying, “Girl, you don’t know what ‘feeling older’ really is.” I guess I feel older because I see the effects of age on my body and those around me. Having to take progesterone during this pregnancy, I know FOR ME, it’s a matter of age…I’m past my best child bearing years. Having already been to two funerals this year, I see the weakness of the human body. From the new born infant who died after 5 days to a woman who left behind many grandchildren, I know that we do not know the hour or the day we will be taken. I see my parents aging and I can’t help but think how time has taken its toll on them as well. And simply thinking of what “could have” happened in this accident, I guess I have a new resolve to treasure the time I have with those I love.

So half the year is about gone. If you don’t mind saying another prayer for us, please pray for a break from all the drama for us…or simply the grace to take it all in stride.

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Number 3 on the way and more!

Well, let me first apologize for the slackerness on our part for not updating the blog recently. I think this may be the longest we’ve gone without an update.

We’ve been busy, tired, nausious, and everything in between. Well, only I’ve been tired and nausious. And from the subject of the email, you’ve already guess we’re pregnant again! We are only 8 weeks along. But it has already been quite emotional and stressful. Three week ago, I had some cramping and Dr. Love put me on progesterone shots as my progesterone was a little low. We’ve already had two ultrasounds…the most recent was this past Tuesday. Baby G is showing a strong heartbeat. I’ve been a big worry wart these past three weeks. So much so, that my blood pressure is a little higher than my normal. It’s still normal though. So, if you’re the praying kind of person, please keep us in your prayers.

Other than that….Therese is growing FAST. Today she used a fork for the first time CORRECTLY. I was so proud of her when she forked the pasta and put the fork in her mouth! Before she would just get the pasta on the fork and remove the pasta with the other hand and put it in her mouth. She loves to play outside and makes it quite clear when she’s ready to go out…she bring me my shoes! She’s so great!

What about the new pope! Wow, we love him. God Bless Pope Benedict XVI!!! We miss our beloved John Paul dearly. But the Holy Spirit sure did choose the perfect successor to the chair of Peter! It was almost amusing to watch all the news coverage during the month of April. It was abundantly clear that the media just doesn’t get it! Unfortunately, they also showed that there are many “Catholics” that just don’t get it either. But the faithful are well pleased.

Our prayer list of expecting parents has dwindled by two as we welcomed Josesph Upham and Miriah Coffey outside of the womb this past month. We still have 11 on the list…so feel free to send us a prayer request if you’re expecting.

OH and we celebrated the feast of St. Gianna Beretta Molla on April 28. It was her first official feast day as a saint as she was only cannonized last May. If we have a girl, we’re naming her Gianna! St. Gianna was a wife, mother and doctor devoted to her family and helping those in need. She died a martyr of maternal love. At the age of 39 as she was pregnant with her 4th child doctors discovered she had a tumor on her uterus. She was given the choice to abort the baby and save her life or risk her life to save the baby. She chose to give life to her child. She underwent an operation when she was two months pregnant. However after the birth of her daughter, she had complications that could not be treated. She died a week after her daughters birth on April 28, 1962. For more about St. Gianna go to

Well, I’m sure you’re tired of reading now…and I am tired of typing.
God love you and bless you!

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