Where are the Apostles?: An Experiment with Google Maps

I’ve been working on this experiment off and on, but I’m probably at the point where I could share it. This little test satisfies two of my curiosities:

  1. Where are the remains of Christ’s apostles?
  2. How does the Google Maps API work?

Well, here are the answers. I was quite impressed with the level of detail these maps present at an international scale enabling you to locate sites with pinpoint accuracy (check out Peter’s for example). Click on each individual marker for further information.

You can tell I have a few gaps missing, so if you’re up to the challenge send me on some coordinates. I find Wikipedia to be the most resourceful.

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  1. When I travelled to Turkey, we went to Ephesus. It was a wonderful town, and it was neat to walk where early Christians walked. We did find what we thought was the tomb on St. Jean. Also, there was a house where it was thought to be the last place that Mary lived, and was then assumed into heaven.

    Nice use of google maps! How did we live before it??

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