Are you O Negative?

Yes, we’re asking for O Negative blood donors.

This is not for our children, but for our Goddaughter Teresa (4 years old) and her brother Daniel (1 year old). These two precious children of God have Diamond Blackfan Anemia. This is a rare bone marrow disorder where the bone marrow does not produce red blood cells. Because of their low red blood cell count, they require blood transfusions every 3 to 6 weeks. And by rare, less than 800 people have DBA worldwide.

Because O Negative is a rare blood type, the family could really used a few donors that could donate every 56 days specifically for Teresa and Daniel. Eventually their parents will be looking for bone marrow donors, but of course the first thing that has to match is the blood type. A bone marrow transplant could cure both children and has been more successful during childhood, but is still a risky procedure with only a 70% survival rate.

With all this said, if you or someone you know is O Negative, please please prayerfully consider being a blood donor for these children. For more information, including how to get in touch with their parents, call or email us – or leave a message on the blog.

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