The other week Sharon and I went to a premier showing of:

Fireproof the movie

Yes, you heard that right. We both went to a movie without the kids. I believe that’s called a “date”. :)

Fireproof will do for marriages what Bella did for the pro-life movement, and then some. This movie is rock-solid. It addresses many evils out there that destroy marriage – selfishness, pornography, money, jealousy, unwillingness to forgive, and affairs. It didn’t back down from the fact that 1) marriage is hard work that takes time and 2) Love is Sacrifice. The conclusion is that God is merciful and his grace saves all.

It is a movie with a Christian message for anyone wherever they are in their faith. The ministerial Web site,, has a number of wonderful marriage enrichment and counseling resources. We were especially excited to see there’s even a special section for Catholics – given that the Church has always taught that divorce is unacceptable and has provided a great number of resources for married couples for many years.

My advice for every married couple out there: do whatever it takes to see this movie. Even if your marriage is strong, it’ll make it stronger. If you have kids, get a sitter. Swap an evening of babysitting with another couple. See it together. Spread the word. It’s a must-see.

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