Sea World Homeschool Day

The kids and I made a trip down to San Antonio for the annual Sea World Homeschool Day! We had been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks and the kids didn’t even complain when we got them up at 5:30 this morning to get ready to go. Our early start made us the first ones there!

Limited areas were open and of course no rides, gift shops or food place (thank goodness!). The kids fed the dolphins. We went through the coral reef & sharks, sea lions, penguins, and alligators areas. Then there was a rainy lunch with friends, and two educational shows about killer whales and sea lions. The kids loved it and my sweet children, Therese and Fulton (mostly T), had their notebooks open at each area writing facts or drawing pictures of things they learned. They’re so awesome! Even one of the educational staff loved that Therese was writing all the facts she learned at her exhibit.

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