Brigid’s 1st Birthday

My baby girl turned 1 year old last week. Where did the time go? She is so sweet and delightful. She is a daddy’s girl and still has a place in our bedroom. It doesn’t seem like she’s moving out any time soon. She likes all things carbs, fruit, broccoli and green beans. She loves when her big sister twirls her around. She loves a good game of peek-a-boo. She too is a fan of chocolate and still finds crawling faster than walking.

For her birthday someone gave her a louse. No joke —we had to battle creepy crawly lice a week ago and she had one that I nipped in the bud on her birthday. I also made her a chocolate cake that day to celebrate. I decorated it with little bunny crackers that she finds quite tasty. Of course she ate those off the cake first.

After rescheduling her party a week after the original day, we had her God parents over and some good friends and family to celebrate. I used “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” as the theme for the celebration. We had most of the food in the book, but I forgot to take pictures of the cute signs. The big hit was the giant bubble wand and homemade bubble solution that our friend Mark brought.

Happy Birthday sweet Brigid Clare! We love you so much!

IMG_2405 IMG_2403 IMG_2394 IMG_2391 IMG_2389 IMG_2379 IMG_2375 IMG_2374 IMG_2373 IMG_2369 IMG_2364

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