Blog Resurrection

Well, by the date of the last post, you would think we just fell straight off the face of the earth!

Not so, we’ve just been…well busy…

Adam is kicking off a new business! Isidro Chocolate is the newest single origin bean-to-bar chocolate in Austin! The Holy Spirit has worked it all according to His timing. We went from not having a foot in a door to start this up six months ago, to new cottage laws passed this session that would allow him to make the chocolate at home and sell at farmers’ markets, to now the prospect of a commercial kitchen where Adam can make his chocolate and sell wholesale and commercially.

I’ve have been doing my own continuing education as mother and wife this summer. I started a monthly class called Homes of Virtue that is specifically on home management. I love it. The woman leading the workshops has a degree from an Opus Dei university in Mexico City in home management…I think that would be my new dream degree! I have a long way to go in managing my home, but I know that streamlining and making that part of my life more efficient will help my homeschool and hopefully teach our child virtues. All service orientated jobs in the world begin in the domestic church. Our children will learn to serve others by how they serve in our home. And through this service they will be trained in virtue. And we if are not teaching our children virtue, by default we are teaching them vice.

The kids just started school last week. We had to detox them from all sugar this week to help the days run more smoothly i.e. less complaining and whining. Funny how taking every sweet treat away can really change a child’s attitude about school. Seriously they are doing much better. It was hard to come to school after a two week vacation, but they are slowing getting used to it.

VACATION!  Some of the highlights:

Sr. Maria Kolbe made her final vows!











Visiting Adam’s grandmother.











Picking and shucking corn.














ART!!!! Monet, Renoir, Serrat, o my! Art Institute of Chicago was awesome!














Jelly Bellies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



















Being at the top of the world at Holy Hill Shrine!











Scaring off all the wildlife with your screams of terror when you catch a fish.











Forced to wear a life jacket all weekend on the boat….but still so adorable!














Kneeling where our Blessed Mother appeared to Sr. Adele at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help.
















Visiting Lincoln’s home.










My biker kids.












At the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Museum














Hanging out with Pres. Abe Lincoln, himself.











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