Another year

Another year has come and gone. And I’m sure nobody reads this anymore, so I will just jot down my general musing of our life –or at least try to–for our children.

We started school this week. This is quite a bit earlier than most people out there. Even public school doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. Catholic schools in town have started however. The kids are getting older and their moving up in Immaculate Heart Homeschool. Therese starts 6th grade this year. (Can you believe that!? We started this blog before she was even born!) Fulton starts 4th. Gianna starts 2nd grade and Cecilia is in kindergarten. Schooling 4 kids so close together but far enough apart to be in 4 distinct grades makes for a very full day. I don’t know how a lot of people do it!!! Actually I think I do–generally their kids are closer together so they hold back some and advance others. Or their kids are further apart and the older ones can generally get it done on their own. OR they don’t homeschool exclusively and a homeschool hybrid. I don’t know many people in our situation. I know lot of people with lots of kids just not with this spread at this time–believe me if I did, I’d be picking their brain all the time.

But I am thankful for the friends and community I do have. We are entering our 3rd year of Classically Catholic Memory. After teaching the 5-6 year olds the last two years. I moved down and I pulled together a curriculum for our pre-K and nursery kids. I spent a good deal of my summer planning and pulling resources and collecting all our puzzles and other things taking space in our closets! I am excited I get to spend this time with Cecilia and Brigid. One thing about having to still devote a lot of time to the older kids is that it’s hard for me to carve out the time for the younger kids.

Some new things in our curriculum this year:

All About Spelling–Some friends had raved about it and I kept putting it off mainly because it meant I would have to move spelling from an independent work for the kids to one that I would have to teach. But I took the plunge and I think it’s fabulous. It is the “Right Start Math” of the spelling world!

Michael Clay Thomas Language Arts–This was also recommended by a friend. I think she’s a kindred spirit and I love working with her. So I decided to give this a try. So far so good, but it’s too early to tell. It’s artsy for a language program, but I won’t give a real review until much later.

Story of the World–Although this is not new to our curricula, I have long wanted to align Story of the World with Church history because whether you like it or not, the Catholic church has shaped western civilization more than any other institution in history. I like SotW. It has great maps and activities and it’s very well put together. I never thought SotW was anti-Catholic so much as incomplete in the telling of the story–especially during the middle ages. Besides I think it is important for our children to know what other people think of events where sinful men in the name of the Church made bad choices. Equally, I think they should know which saints rose out of these tumultuous time. So this summer this was my other big project. I collected some info from other bloggers of Church history books they used. I aligned it EPIC: A Journey Through Church History and pulled living books and history fiction recommendations from other Catholic history curricula. My bottle neck was getting books from our local libraries (including our parish library) because I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on books. I am happy with my end product and we’ll probably spend over a year on Middle Ages, but I’m okay with that.

Apologia–Zoology 3–We’ve almost made it through all the Apologia science books! This year we study land animals. I think we’ll be takes some trips to the zoo more frequently this year.


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