Why my kids will never love math

It’s pretty humbling to realize that although I love math and I am very good at it, some of my children will never love it. In fact I would be surprised if any of them walked out into the world and want to study some math related field!

Of course part of my expectation as we do math everyday is, “Well, they all inherited half of my DNA. They must all have a natural inclination to just do it and know it.” Umm. NO. I have learned over the last year or so, that it’s just not the case. My oldest who can zip through any book and memorized anything she puts her mind to, just doesn’t see the beauty and fun of math. She refuses to memorize math formulas or definitions and apply those to figure out what seem to me to be very easy geometry problems. I see puzzles and games to be conquered! She sees the bane of her existence–the depths of purgatory. To make matters more frustrating, I never understood why certain people just don’t get it! That, of course, doesn’t help the matter.

Probably the other reason my kids will never love math is that I don’t spend every second doing math with them! In fact, we read. And read. And read some more. You see, I never loved to read. My parents never read to me. Television was my best friend. We lived with it on as background noise. I hated reading growing up. It was such a chore. I didn’t appreciate the classics mainly because I didn’t understand half the words. And I didn’t understand the vocabulary because I never read! So what do we do most of our time during the day since our television is rarely turned on?…Read. And it’s a good thing. And I love reading now. And they do too. And you know what? That’s okay. And I’m okay with that.

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