Michael Joseph d.

With deeply saddened hearts, our second child and dear little baby, Michael Joseph Gretencord, has passed from this world.

Sharon’s doctor appointment earlier this week didn’t go well. She was 9 weeks along and Dr. Love couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat. He also said that it looked like a 5 week old baby. She started bleeding January 6, and we went in to the office. He did another ultrasound and no blood was going to the baby. And again there was no heartbeat. We did not elect to have the baby surgically removed instead we are going to let nature take its course and allow Sharon’s body to naturally abort the baby.

Our grief has been overwhelming at times. Although he was so small and we will never know what he looked like in this world, Michael is still a very real part of our family. I (Sharon) often wonder how other families cope with a loss like this…in a world that dismisses the unborn. I never understood before. To my dear friends that have lost children–I am so very sorry. I have never lost anyone I truely loved. I know there is healing in God’s mercy and with His grace we will get through this one hour at a time. It has helped immensely to name our son. We do not know for sure that the baby was a boy, but this is what our hearts have told us.

This was not the start to 2005 we were hoping for. In fact it is the exact opposite. With our two year anniversary coming up next Tuesday, January 11, and Therese’s birthday the following Sunday, January 16, we still have the opportunity to celebrate our love and our lives.

Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for our family and that Sharon may be restored to health quickly.

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